South Park Character Creator

South Park Character Creator

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Are you a fan of South Park, but you couldn’t spot a character who looks like you in the show? Then South Park Character Creator offers you to generate your own one! Multiple tools, a wide range of outfits and cool backgrounds are here for you to combine them however you wish.

There are hundreds of possible variants and you may check out all of them. From the most basic features, such as skin tone and facial aspects to the accessories and their colours, you are able to alter all the details to make your avatar look incredibly unique and lively.

Enjoy infinite experiments

Intuitively understandable design and vivid visuals make the game fantastically gripping, so you may spend hours in the creator, inventing more and more interesting heroes. Recreate your favourite ones from the show or unleash your imagination and come up with a dozen new personages, it is all up to you!

Once you are finished with the avatar, give them a splendid background to complete the picture and make a perfect photo. Satisfied with the results, save your creation and proceed to the next one, experiencing all the process with a clean slate. Design a whole town of original characters and shape your own stunning series!