Run 2

Run 2

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Run as fast as you can and never look back! Run 2 is a simple, but nerve-racking game, where all you need to do is to avoid various obstacles by moving from one side to another. As easy as it sounds, this task may turn out to be quite complex, as the quicker you go, the harder it is to remain focused on the path!

Begin your dangerous journey from the short distances, where you will get used to the major types of barriers and go ahead to the sophisticated tracks, where each turn can bring failure. Minimalistic design and unobtrusive soundtrack help to maintain the tempo and keep yourself concentrated.

Collect the prizes

During this crazy run, you are going to gather a bunch of shiny collectibles that are distributed throughout all the levels. Sometimes they may be in very unobvious places, so be attentive to not miss a reward! Although remember that your main aim is to get to the finish safely and without any mistakes.

Once you successfully accomplish another session, go to the store and check out the amazing assortment of characters that can be unblocked with your cash. Choose the coolest one and dash to other tracks, conquering new, more difficult heights and showing off your new acquisition.