Gamenora Toca Boca

Gamenora Toca Boca

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Take a look at probably one of the most popular projects on Gamenora! If you ever dreamt of a perfect character creator, where you can design avatars and alter them in every aspect, this game is definitely for you. Gamenora Toca Boca is a place where you can both implement your bravest ideas and demonstrate them to a vast society!

Gameplay Toca Boca

Gamenora also labels this magnificent game as an adventure and it means that you will always have something to do there! But before, dive into the avatar generating, choosing the best options for their outfit! You don’t even have to stick to only one costume, as you can change it anytime you wish.

The most stunning feature of Gamenora Toca Boca though, is that every detail is completely customisable, starting from its shape to the particular colours or patterns. Such precise attention to the details allows you to follow the concept as closely as possible, resulting in brilliant creations.

However, real pursuits start only after you go outside! A huge city is all yours to investigate, so don’t waste your time and go check the facilities nearby! Hair salons, supermarkets, parks, theatres and other stunning buildings are available and each one offers their own kinds of attractions.

Select the pastime to your taste

This Gamenora game is so diverse it is hard to visit every location in one day. Instead, explore every terrain step by step, taking your time to admire all the activities and secrets. The mysteries can be concealed everywhere, so it is recommended to search thoroughly!

Interact with every detail of the surroundings to learn more about the level and the objects nearby. You never know what the hero is going to do with the object, so enjoy the random aspect and see what is going to happen next. Some of the items you may even take home, but don’t forget to put them out from the inventory at home!

Get acquainted with the citizens

In this game from Gamenora, you will never feel lonely, as there are many other curious personalities, who are always ready to chat with you and even engage in some events. Go to the salon and rely on the professional to completely change your image or visit the local café to enjoy fantastically delicious meals!

Some of the Gamenora achievements are also connected with socialising, so to complete the collection, you will need to improvise. Befriend various avatars and become an integral part of the city!