Jenga Online

Jenga Online

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Jenga Online

Spend some fantastic free time together with your friends in Jenga Online! This incredibly easy and funny game is just made for entertaining companies. Feel the atmosphere of friendly competition and excitement, while deconstructing a wooden tower made of little blocks.

Pull out the blocks from the tower carefully, so that the construction remains still and unbothered. It is important to have a steady hand, as one wrong movement and you are a loser. So, pay attention to the possibilities you have at the current situation and leave your opponents no chances to win!

Logical thinking is a key to success

There are no particular rules here, just enjoy the process and try to act sequentially, interfering with the ones who are taking your turn. But note that you can stumble upon the same trap, so be attentive and move proactively! Apply your inventiveness in the right moment and make the least risks possible.

For the experienced players there are even several kinds of jenga, apart from the classical one. Take pleasure in the multitude of colours, for example, and make the quest more sophisticated by dragging out only a certain colour. Improve your skill and become the invincible monolith destroyer!