Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword

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Deepest Sword

Take the role of a brave little knight, who has a great and significant mission – to kill a dragon with a magical sword. However, this task requires a lot of strength, dedication and cunning. Will you manage to stab your enemy with your enigmatic weapon deep enough to become a renowned hero?

Deepest Sword has prepared a whole labyrinth for you to go through, before you reach your scaly opponent. Make a series of dizzying jumps across the platforms, approaching the major aim. There will be an abundance of complicated twists, but only when completing this path, you may receive the main prize!

Use your blade cautiously

During your adventurous pursuit, the sword can both help you and become an annoying burden. Its weight corresponds to its size, so it may be a little too difficult to carry it for such a fragile warrior like you. But don’t give up, as there is nothing impossible in this game!

Gain enough speed and accumulate all the strength you have when sprinting to the dragon. Find the weakest point in its armour and pierce the monster with a sharp blade, saving a beautiful creature kept in the cage near the bloodthirsty beast. Although prepare for the fact that victory may not be achieved from the first try.