Make all the boys at school fall to your feet! If you enjoy flirting and want to acquire as many admirers as possible, this game can help you fulfil your dreams. The only thing required from you is to be beautiful and attract more and more boys. Will you have enough charm to enchant all the school?

To start accomplishing your special task, approach the nearest boy and try to maintain eye contact. When the heart indicator becomes full, your victim will fall for you and he will follow you all the way around. In School Flirting there is no limit for admirers, so have fun as long as you want!

Prepare for the competition

However, not only you are hunting the souls of your poor schoolmates! Other girls are roaming around, searching for minions and if they notice you bewitching their potential aim, a fight may occur! To win the battle, act as fast as possible, pushing the button and pulling the scale to your side.

If you succeed, you will receive another follower and your opponent will be left completely devastated. Don’t forget to collect the points too, as each of them increases your score. And beware the teachers or you will be punished for your little attractions by decreasing your flirting ability!