Sonic Revert

Sonic Revert

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Sonic Revert

Welcome back to the flamboyant Sonic universe, where shiny golden rings are waiting for you to collect them! Sonic Revert is a wonderful combination of several projects which results in a completely unique game, where a huge world is here for you to explore.

Embark on an exciting adventure around the picturesque terrains, fighting your sworn enemies and avoiding various perils. There are a multitude of tracks that you may visit and challenge yourself with the unforgettable racings full of tough bends and twisted tracks.

Find exceptional approaches to your abilities

Playing as a courageous blue hedgehog, you can dash forward with the speed of lightning and roll, accelerating to the point where you may even break some barriers! Utilise these special powers to handle the most complex parts of the tracks and to bypass dangerous spikes and gaps.

While you are busy with performing stunning tricks, try to gather the maximum number of the rings as well. Spend these points to gain access to the next levels and unlock more sophisticated trials. With each level the paths become longer and wilder, so stay focused and be ready for any surprises. Pass all seven levels and achieve the ultimate speed!