Draw This 2

Draw This 2

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Drawing has never been such an intense attraction! In Draw This 2 you will really have to show maximum art skill, as this is a true competition with crazy time limits! Try to depict the word combinations, given out by the game within a minute and see if the AI or a real person can guess what is in your picture.

Rely on the simplicity of forms and don’t bother yourself with the details, as you have very little time to spend on each drawing. At the same time, reveal a great deal of creativity, as sometimes the request can be hilariously absurd. From the ladder to Mona Lisa, accomplish every challenge to win the round!

Demonstrate your abilities to the world

The project offers two types of single player and a multiplayer for those, who also want to communicate and share their positive emotions with their buddies. Ask your friends to participate in this whimsical contest and watch them struggle together with you!

Guess as many drawings as you can to gain the most points and win. Type down your conclusion in the chat and check if it is right or not. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, as they don’t influence the overall score, but only make the process even more comical. Let the most imaginative artist win!