Bad Monday Simulator

Bad Monday Simulator

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Everybody at least once in their life experienced the feeling when the week starts awful and you are raging uncontrollably. But what if you swap sides and face such a furious being? In Bad Monday Simulator the situation is even worse, as your opponent is an omnipotent merge of Garfield from the eponymous film and Sans from a famous game.

What will you do with such a dangerous enemy? There are different options and you may try to utilise all of them, but the results can be unpredictable. Pray for mercy and hope that this ferocious being calms down or challenge your worst nightmare and fight until one of you falls.

Bring the difficulty to an exorbitant level

Even if you don’t feel like this battle is perilous, there are difficulty options which will make you regret that you entered this battlefield. The higher is the plank you have set, the faster and deadlier are the attacks and your chances to win are lower. Develop a strategy in between the rounds to get to the end.

Meanwhile, gather amusing achievements, attempting interesting choices and unforeseen decisions. There are six endings, two for each mode, so go through every circle of hell to gather them all and defeat the monster once and for all.